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  • November 21, 2007--Agromin teamed up with Newhall Land to donate 375 "Carrots for Kids" seed growing kits to the Saugus Union School District. The first of the kits were distributed to second graders at Bridgeport Elementary School in Valencia in October.

    The kits are part of an overall program by Newhall Land called "Clippings for Carrots." The program teaches kids how to grow vegetables and to understand the green recycling process. Students grow carrots in soil made from yard trimmings collected from Santa Clarita Valley residents and processed by Agromin--thereby completing the recycling circle of sustainability.

    In addition, Agromin transforms the green waste from the Santa Clarita Valley into soil products that are used at Newhall Land's agricultural operations. Agromin uses this same technique in Ventura County, where it provides local farmers with soil products for their orchards and fields. Farmers have found the soil prevents water erosion, reduces the need for herbicide and pesticide use and produces healthier, better growing trees and crops. "Residents help farmers by making sure they put their green waste in their green recycling bins each week," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CFO.

    “We want to teach kids about the importance of green material recycling as well as the fun of growing their own vegetables,” said Marlee Lauffer, senior vice president of marketing and communications for Newhall Land. “This program will demonstrate to students how the green waste from grass clippings and yard trimmings are transformed into a useable products: garden mulch and soil. In fact, the soil the children will be using for growing their carrots is actually made from the green waste from homes in the Santa Clarita Valley.”

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