• Last Chance to Plant Trees & Lawns Before Summer - Monday, June 9, 2008 at
  • May 27, 2008--June is the last ideal time to plant citrus trees from containers and lay new lawns before summer heat makes successful planting difficult, say experts at Agromin.

    Transplant Citrus Trees and Sod Lawns: Hot weather puts stress on plants and lawns. Cooler temperatures afford the best conditions for transplanting. If unable to transplant trees or lay sod in June, wait until fall when the weather cools.

    Plant Foliage Requiring Little Water: With water rates on the rise, consider planting trees and shrubs that require little water once established. Drought tolerant trees include many varieties of oak and pine as well as the Australian willow, olive and California pepper tree. Flowering plants include Desert Willow, Scarlet Larkspur, Beach Suncups, Red Buckwheat and Golden and Woolly Yarrow. Shrubs include California Fuchsia, Hollyleaf Cherry, Bigberry Manzanita, California Buckwheat, Spice Bush and Evergreen Currant.

    Herbs for Drought Tolerant Gardens: Many herbs require little water. Rosemary, English thyme, oregano and sage all do well with minimal watering. Remember, as with trees and shrubs, newly planted herbs require regular watering until the roots are established.

    Don't Forget The Mighty Oak: Besides being drought tolerant, oaks are deciduous to the area and make an impressive statement in any yard. The most imposing is the Valley oak, which can reach 70 feet high. Other varieties include Coast Live oak, which can also grow as high as 70 feet, Scrub oak, with its dense growth can grow as high as 15 feet and Interior Live oak, which can reach between 30 to 75 feet in height.

    Plant Summer Flowers: For a splash of color in summer, add summer annuals to your garden such as zinnias, cosmos and marigolds--either from seed or from transplants.

    Still Time to Plant Vegetables: Tomato, squash, cantaloupe, celery, corn, cucumbers, lima beans, okra, pepper, spinach and squash can all be planted in June in time for a full summer harvest.

    Control Weeds Before They Flower: The best time to control weeds is early, before they flower and establish their root system. Pull weeds and then cover the area with mulch to keep weeds from returning.