• Agromin Named "Composter of the Year" by US Composting Council - Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at
  • CAMARILLO, CALIF.--Agromin, the green materials recycler for more than 90 communities throughout Southern California and a premium soil manufacturer, received the "Composter of the Year" award from the US Composting Council (USCC) at the 17th Annual USCC Conference held in Houston in January.

    The USCC is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, expansion and promotion of the composting industry in the US.

    Every year, the USCC evaluates and reviews the nominees for its Composter of the Year award. The award goes to the commercial-scale composting facility that has displayed excellence in both compost production and marketing/distribution. Additionally, the facility must be in operation for a minimum of five years and in regulatory compliance for the last three years.

    Agromin compost is USCC certified, meaning they have met the USCC standards for compost content and its soil products are clean and safe. As a participant in the USCC's Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program, Agromin voluntarily tests its products to ensure their quality.

    "Everyone who disposes materials in their green recycling barrel each week is doing their part to close the recycling loop," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CEO. "Compost is made from the green materials and the soil products find their way back into landscapes and agricultural orchards and fields. Recycling is the one thing we can all do that's been proven to reduce waste and make our communities more sustainable."

    Agromin is one of the largest organics recyclers in California, recycling more than 300,000 tons of green materials in 2008. Agromin receives the green materials (i.e., leaves, grass clippings, brush, wood), and processes and composts the materials at its five facilities. It then produces 240 soil products including compost, bark and mulches for use by consumers, municipalities, agriculture and landscapers.

    For more information about Agromin, go to www.agromin.com.

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