• Santa Comes Early for Mayflower Preschoolers - Monday, December 28, 2009 at
  • Santa came early for students at Mayflower Preschool in Los Alamitos. The non-profit preschool, open for more than 40 years, needed replacement woodchips for its swing set play area. Kendy Gioia, director of the preschool, was searching for funding sources for the new chips when Agromin stepped in and offered its services and products to the school at no charge.

    Agromin, a premium soil products manufacturer and green materials recycler for more than 50 communities in Southern California, delivered eight tons of freshly ground woodchips to Mayflower on December 23. With the help of volunteers from the Pacifica High School wrestling team, the swing set play area was completely transformed. "Instead of a hard, compacted surface underneath the swings, the ground is now covered with a thick layer of soft woodchips," says Gioia. "I'm ecstatic with the way things look and can't wait for our kids to come back from vacation and see the change. This will be a great surprise for them. I am so grateful Agromin offered to help." In addition, Agromin removed the old woodchips from the play area and recycled them into the school's flowerbeds as mulch.

    Agromin also donated 20 "Carrots for Kids" growing kits to Mayflower. Gioia says the kits will be put to use immediately after the children return from holiday break. "The kits will be a great learning tool for our kids and will help enhance our small gardening program," says Gioia.

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