• Agromin Provides Ventura County Celery Farmers With 3,000 Tons of OMRI-Listed Compost, Production Rises - Monday, July 25, 2011 at
  • The celery crop in Ventura County recorded a big jump in production in 2010, moving to the second largest crop (behind strawberries) in the county. Celery brought in $182.27 million in 2010, an increase of 8 percent over 2009. Production per acre was up from 37.67 tons in 2009 to 39.59 tons in 2010. Agromin, California's largest producer of renewable organics, delivered over 3,000 tons of its Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)-listed Compost 100 last year to the celery growers in Ventura County.

    "We'd like to think that the some of the increase in production per acre is linked to the use by farmers of our Compost 100 soil amendment," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CEO. "Since it is OMRI listed, the compost can be used in certified organic production according to the USDA rules. The compost is made from clean and renewable plant materials and contains no chemicals. The more they use OMRI-listed compost, the less than have to rely on pharmaceuticals to grow their crops."

    In the just-released Ventura County 2010 Annual Crop Report, 11,949 acres were in celery production in 2010 (up from 11,138 acres in 2009). Total production in 2010 was 473,054 tons compared to 419,466 tons in 2009. In the report, Agricultural Commissioner Henry Gonzales attributed the increase in celery production to the increase in production per acre and the increase in acres devoted to celery. He said he believes the Ventura County is now the leading celery producer in the country.

    Agromin's Compost 100 is made locally from organic material collected from farmers, landscapers and residents. The material is cleaned and composted and then returned to farmland or can be purchased in bulk by residents and landscapers.

    For more information on Agromin's Compost 100, go to www.agromin.com.

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