• New Turf Removal Program Helps Simi Residents Reduce Water Use & Plant Drought Resident Landscape - Thursday, October 20, 2011 at
  • Under a new residential turf removal program by Golden State Water Company, Simi Valley residents who remove all or a portion of their lawn and replace it with mulch and drought tolerant plants can receive $1.50 for every square foot of grass removed up to $3,000.

    The program is part of the Metropolitan Water District's SoCal Water$mart water conservation effort. Only residential properties qualify. Homeowners must fill out an application, provide a copy of a recent water bill and provide four or five "before" shots of the area where the grass will be replaced. At least 250 square feet of turf must be removed.

    Once the application is approved, residents have 120 days to remove and replace the turf. All exposed soil must be covered with a 2" layer of mulch. No invasive plant species can be used. Once the project is completed, homeowners will need to complete the final portion of the rebate application and provide four or five color photos of the revamped area.

    Homeowners can replace grass with shrubs, ground cover, mulch, permeable paths and permeable hardscape.

    "A lawn is one of the largest users of residential water," says Bill Camarillo, CEO of Agromin, Simi Valley's renewable organics recycler. "By removing all or a portion of your lawn, you conserve water and save on your water bill." Agromin offers mulch at a number of Simi Valley outlets. For a list, go to www.agromin.com.

    For more information on the turf replacement program, go to SoCalWaterSmart and click on Calleguas Municipal Water District / Golden State Water Company.

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