• Larry's Building Materials Joins List of Agromin Distributors in Orange County - Friday, August 3, 2012 at

  •             Larry's Building Materials, with supply yards in Costa Mesa and Laguna Beach, has joined a growing list of outlets distributing Agromin organic soil products in Orange County. Open to professionals and do-it-yourselfers since 1959, Larry's carries all sorts of masonry and landscaping materials.

                Larry's,  along with South Coast Supply in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, sells Agromin  products in bulk. Rainbow Environmental Services (Gate 7) in Huntington Beach sells Agromin products in bags and bulk.

                "We're systematically expanding our reach so eventually landscapers and homeowners will be able to find our products throughout Orange County," says Tom Kelley, Agromin's vice president of sales and business development who is based in Huntington Beach.

    Agromin products are made from recycled green materials. Over 380,000 tons are collected each year. Using a safe, natural and chemical-free process, the material is cleaned, ground and processed  into mulch and soil amendments  as well as  being used for  a variety of custom soil blends. Agromin's Potting Mix and Compost 100 have been approved for use by USDA certified organic food producers.  A large volume of Agromin products are used by vegetable, strawberry and citrus growers throughout California.

                "Whether professional growers, landscapers or weekend gardeners, our customers help close the organics recycling loop," says Kelley. "By using products made from local recycled organic materials, they are helping to renew soil resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease the need for oil-based fertilizers and chemicals. They do all that while enjoying healthy, fast growing trees and plants."

                For a list of locations where Agromin products are sold, go to www.Agromin.com or contact Kelley at 760-644-8497, tom@agromin.com.       

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