• Agromin and Stay Green Form Partnership To Close Recycling Loop - Monday, October 29, 2012 at

  • VENTURA COUNTY, CALIF. (Oct. 29, 2012)--Stay Green, a full-service landscaping company, and Agromin, the organics recycler for more than 50 California cities, have formed a partnership that will recycle and reuse the organic materials produced by Stay Green clients. Agromin will turn the material into compost, mulch and soil enhancements for use in Stay Green landscaping projects.

                Stay Green's Sustainable Asset Protection Program (SAPP) views trees, plants and landscapes as assets. "By nurturing these assets through waste, water and plant management, we can extend their life and maximize customer property values," says Chris Angelo, Stay Green president and CEO. "A layer of mulch cuts down on water usage. Compost and soil enhancements keep plants, lawns and trees healthy. These cost efficiencies save customers money while increasing the beauty of their home or business. The program is not only beneficial to our clients but also to our environment."

                Stay Green will begin installing recycling bins in its Ventura County locations. Agromin will then clean, grind and compost the materials at its facility in Oxnard. "Ventura County is where our pilot program will take place because of the proximity to one of Agromin's primary recycling sites," says Michael Cardona, business developer for Stay Green in Ventura County. "We'll then expand the program to Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley."

                "Stay Green's sustainability effort is an example of how companies are moving toward zero waste output by closing the recycling loop," says Bill Camarillo, president and CEO of Agromin. "Businesses see their zero waste efforts as making a positive impact on the environment. They also view waste as a potential resource. When they reduce and reuse their green waste, they can save money for themselves and their customers."

                For information about sustainability programs for businesses, contact Dave Green, Agromin vice president of sales/product development, at 805-485-9200, dave@agromin.com. For information on sustainable residential and business landscaping, contact Stay Green at 800-858-5508.

    About Agromin 

    Agromin, headquartered in Oxnard, Calif., manufactures earth-friendly soil products for farmers, landscapers and gardeners. Agromin is also the organics recycler for over 50 California cities. Each month, Agromin receives more than 30,000 tons of organic material and then uses a safe, natural and sustainable process to transform the material into premium soil products. The results are more vigorous and healthier plants and gardens, and on the conservation side, the opportunity to close the recycling loop, allow more room in landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Agromin

    About Stay Green

    Headquartered in Santa Clarita, Calif., Stay Green Inc. is recognized as a leading provider of high-quality landscape services to residential and business customers throughout Southern California. It employs more than 300 people in five divisions: landscape maintenance, plant health care, tree care, water management services and landscape design/build services. The company exercises positive environmental stewardship through its Sustainable Asset Protection Program (SAPP), which is applied across all service lines to help customers protect the environment as well as their landscapes, plants, waste and water management assets. Stay Green

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