• Agromin Selected "2013 Small Business of the Year" in Calif. Senate District 19 - Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at

  • Oxnard, Calif.--Oxnard, California-basedAgromin, the organics recycler for over 50 California cities, was selected as the 2013 Small Business of the Year for California Senate District 19. The district encompasses a majority of Ventura County and all of Santa Barbara County.

    The district's State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson chose Agromin for the award. There are 3.3 million small businesses in California. Every year since 2000, a winner is selected from each of the California Senate Districts.  

    “Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and absolutely vital to our economy,” said Jackson. “Agromin is a fine example of a small business that not only contributes significantly to the economic vitality of our area and our agricultural industry, but is also doing so in an environmentally sustainable way.”

    "It's an honor to be recognized," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin's CEO. "It's important to understand how critical small businesses are to our economy. Small businesses represent 99 percent of all California businesses and employ 52 percent of the state's workforce. Most of the companies in the sustainable solutions sector, such as Agromin, are small but growing. This bodes well for California's future."

    Agromin and the other award recipients will be honored at California Small Business Day, June 10, in Sacramento. The event is sponsored by 25 California small business organizations and chambers.

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