• Bill Camarillo--Speaker at U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Workshop - Thursday, January 16, 2014 at

  • Agromin CEO Bill Camarillo was a speaker at a January 16 U.S. Zero Waste Business Council workshop at Orange Coast College. The workshop, "Future of Commercial Foods Scraps in Southern California," was attended by Southern California businesses, service providers, local governments, nonprofits, food banks and schools.

    The workshop provided food waste reduction tools and tips and discussed new technologies that are turning food waste into sustainable products. Bill was joined on a panel with Barry Koca, vice president, Imperial Western Products Inc. and Kathy Kellogg-Johnson, director of sustainability, Kellogg Garden Products. He discussed how Agromin is converting food waste into clean compost and biofuel.

    The U.S. Zero Waste Business Council's mission is to educate, inform and document the performance of Zero Waste Businesses using scientific methods to help businesses and communities become more healthy and sustainable. For more information about the organization, go to http://www.uszwbc.org.

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