• Agromin's Bill Camarillo a Speaker at Biocycle REFOR14 WEST - Monday, February 24, 2014 at

  • Agromin CEO Bill Camarillo was a speaker at the Biocycle 28th Annual REFOR14 WEST conference in San Diego in April. Bill was part of a panel on "Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Organics." He was joined by:

    Paul Relis, CR&R Waste Services
    Shane Chrapko, Himark BioGas, Inc.
    Rhodes Yepsen, Novamont N.A.

    Over 100 people attended the presentation. Many were eager to hear from companies already using the anaerobic digestion process.

    The conference is sponsored each year by Biocycle, the leading publication on renewable energy and organics recycling.

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