• Professional Turf Specialties and Agromin Team up to Makeover Fullerton College Soccer Field - Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at

  • The Fullerton College soccer field is getting a makeover with new sod and soil amendments for upcoming men's and women's soccer play.

                Overseeing the transformation from dry, compacted dirt and dying grass to a healthy playing field is Professional Turf Specialties, a Fullerton-based full service contractor that installs and maintains athletic fields and city parks throughout Southern California. "The soccer field is under continuous stress and use and it has been many years since a full renovation has been performed on the field," said Mike Wilson, Professional Turf Specialties owner. "The soil is so compacted and lacking significant levels of organics that we are breaking up the soil down to 8" deep and mixing it with soil amendments."

                Wilson is mixing in 120 cubic yards of Agromin's "Garden Humus" soil amendment. The amendment is made of natural organic material that rebuilds existing soil by adding nutrients and microbes. Agromin, with facilities in Huntington Beach, Chino and Oxnard, takes organic waste that has been collected from Southern California residences and businesses and transforms it into soil products that are then used in landscapes, ball fields, farms and gardens. "Our Garden Humus is made from 100 percent clean, recycled green material," says Bill Camarillo, Agromin CEO. "It's a great way to recycle organics that would otherwise end up in a landfill."

                The renovation project, already underway, will take two weeks to prep the soil and install new turf. The newly laid sod will be off limits for another eight weeks. With water conservation in mind, Professional Turf Specialties is resetting and fixing the field irrigation and adding new sprinklers so proper water conservation can be established while providing enough water to maintain a healthy field. "We are using a laser level for proper pitch and drainage and a roller to firm up the field and make sure it is level," explains Wilson.

                This is not the first time that Professional Turf Specialties and Agromin have teamed up to upgrade a field or park. The two renovated the Cabrillo High School football field in Long Beach in which 180 cubic yards of Garden Humus was used. They also combined their efforts at the Village Green Park in Garden Grove. Instead of installing sod, Wilson's company mowed the grass as low as possible, leveled the high and low points, applied seed and covered it with 40 cubic yards of Agromin’s Universal Turf (a lawn topper mix).

                "These are just a few examples of how landscapers are helping the environment by using recycled green materials in their projects," says Camarillo. "And what’s even better, they are adding natural materials to where kids play and practice instead of applying amendments containing chemicals or animal waste."

                For more information about Professional Turf Specialties, email profturf@hotmail.com. For Agromin information, go to www.agromin.com.

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