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  • Max Ortiz

    Agromin is fortunate to have Max Ortiz as one of its delivery drivers. Max has been part of the Agromin family for 14 years. Each day, he checks his delivery schedule, loads his truck with Agromin's organic soil products and heads out to homes, businesses and schools throughout Ventura County.

    Popular products include Agromin's Vegetable Garden Mix designed to prep the soil for vegetable planting (especially when soil is mostly clay or super sandy) and Agromin's Premium Blend for raised garden beds. Also in high demand are Agromin's ES-2 Mulch and Walk-On Bark.

    About 80 percent of Max's deliveries are for repeat customers. Max says his day goes by quickly and he looks forward to greeting old and new customers alike. Kids at schools are particularly excited to see his truck arriving and depositing a ton or two of soil products for use in school gardens or to spruce up school landscaping.

    Max has a personal appreciation for good planting soil. For the past 18 years, he and his wife have been involved in Ojai Microgreens and grow an assortment of sprouts including sunflower sprouts, wheat grass and pea greens that they sell at farmers markets around Ventura County. He uses Agromin's Economix (a blend of organic content and soil conditioner) for all his plantings.

    Max and his fellow Agromin drivers, which number more than a dozen, deliver organic products throughout southern California--making the world a little greener and sustainable along the way.

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