• Agromin Converts Over 5 Million Tons of Green Waste Into Compost Since 1993 - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at

  • Agromin recently reached a milestone: it has now converted 5 million tons of green waste into compost since it began operation in 1993.
    Agromin receives organic materials collected from southern California homes, businesses and from agriculture. Once received, non-recyclable items (i.e., plastics, trash, treated wood) are removed by hand. The organic material is then processed into "wind rows" that are composted for about 45 days. The material is naturally composted by microorganisms. The all-natural compost is then used by growers, landscapers and residents.
    Converting 5 million tons of organic material into sustainable organic products has had a measurable impact on the environment. Using EPA calculations, 691,381 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide has been kept out of the atmosphere as a result of Agromin's recycling efforts. Carbon Dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas since it absorbs heat and leads to atmospheric warming.
    Recycling organic waste reduces greenhouse gases, makes use of organic material that would have otherwise been thrown away and the resulting organic compost helps grow natural fruits and vegetables and creates healthy landscapes. Nothing is wasted so it is truly a sustainable process.
    All Agromin products are manufactured without biosolids or animal waste. Agromin's Compost 100 is approved for use in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA Program rule. The product is popular with organic growers. It is also available to consumers.

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