• Agromin's Food Waste Project Focuses on Reducing Composting Cycle - Thursday, October 20, 2016 at

  • Agromin received permission by the Ventura County Resource Management Agency to conduct a food waste research project through April 2018. Agromin has been composting food waste since 2012. Agromin will be analyzing the results of reducing the active compost period from 45 to 30 days by using different blends of food waste and green waste and incorporating the use of biochar. 

    Further testing will investigate a positive aeration system that uses a six-inch layer of unscreened finished compost as a biofilter, covering the entire surface of the composting material. Tests will be conducted to evaluate odor, compost properties and temperature. The testing will take place over a two-year period.

    Agromin is the only food waste composter in Ventura County--composting approximately 75 tons of food waste per day from grocery stores, schools and other food waste producers and turns it into organic compost.

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