• Agromin Opens Recycling Facility in Oceanside - Monday, June 12, 2017 at

  • Agromin is now operating a 3-acre on-farm organics composting facility in Oceanside. Located on Nagata Brothers Farm, Agromin is composting about 100 tons of green waste daily collected from San Diego County cities.

    The collected material is turned into our OMRI Listed Compost 100 and ES2 products and delivered in bulk to the farm. Agromin's OMRI Listed Compost 100 can be used in certified organic farming, nurseries and gardens according to the USDA Program rule. ES2 mulch is ideal for cooling the root zone, saving water, controlling erosion and preventing weed growth. It is commonly used in orchard applications and in public works projects as it is Environmentally Safe (ES) and meets California Department of Transportation specifications.

    For more information or to arrange delivery, call 1-800-AGROMIN.

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  • Agromin Joins San Diego County Farm Bureau - at

  • Agromin is a proud new member of the San Diego County Farm Bureau. The farm bureau is in the middle of a capital campaign to create a San Diego Ag Hub that will house bureau headquarters and become the central meeting place for the agricultural industry in the county. Agromin happily pledged $5,000 to help fund the project and plans to become an active member.

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